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Smart Anti Snoring Device Dual Pulse Muscle Stimulator Stop Snore Relaxation Treatment Health Care Improve Sleeping Effective

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Current price $47.86
Color: black
Ships From: CHINA


1.Using dual pulse technology, the breathing rhythm is adjusted through vibration pulses of different frequencies to make breathing easier.
2.Effectively relieve snoring, solve the problem of mild to moderate snoring, let you sleep peacefully, and avoid the harm and trouble caused by snoring.
3.One-button operation, 3 levels of adjustable pulse intensity (mild pulse, medium pulse, professional pulse) for you to choose, you can choose the pulse intensity that suits you best.
4.The weight of our anti-snoring device is only 12g, which will not cause any burden to you when you wear it.
5.Equipped with a professional-grade patch, it is highly viscous, not easy to fall off, and comfortable to wear, allowing you to use it with confidence.
6.The magnetic charging compartment will automatically absorb the main unit, making it easy to quickly store the anti-snoring device and carry it with you.
7.It is suitable for various scenes such as offices, airplanes, bedrooms, dormitories, high-speed trains, and cars.


Rated voltage: 3.7V
Battery type: polymer lithium battery
Battery capacity: 90mah
Full charge time: 1 hour
Full charge use time: 10 hours
Product size: 4.5*2.5*1.5cm


1. Before wearing, please shave the stubble on the chin and throat to ensure that the sticking part is clean and fresh.
2. The groove of the gel patch faces the throat, the eyes look straight ahead, and the hands are pasted in the chin.
3. After pasting, press firmly with the palm of your hand for 30 seconds to ensure that the patch is in full contact with the skin and prevent it from falling off.
4. After turning on the product, it will be adsorbed on the electrode sheet.

Packing List

1* General Instruction in Chinese, English and Japanese
1* Electrode pads 10 pieces (5 bags)
1* TYPE-C data cable
1*Storage and charging compartment

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