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Yu Hua Cha 雨花茶 Nan Jing Chinese Green Tea Rain Flower Tea

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Yu Hua Cha 雨花茶 is a rare Chinese green tea from Nanjing. It is carefully crafted with tender buds, giving it a light and delicate taste. This green tea is incredibly refreshing and perfect for those seeking a premium experience.


Taste: After steeped with hot water, the leaves will spread out with good color, bringing out fresh and cool flavor and sweet aroma. When you brew Yu Hua Tea, the first thing you will notice is the soothing flowery aroma. The first few sips are refreshingly light and subtle but the flowery sweet taste and aftertaste slowly grows as you drink the Tea. Soft, refreshing with delicate aroma.

Appearance:The Yuhua Tea shall be picked before the Grain Rain day, and the young leaves shall be 2.5 to 3 centimeters long featuring a bud and a leaf. The whole Tea processing is done by hand. The newly picked leaves shall be properly kept to avoid sunshine and processed in time. The finished Yuhua Tea resembles the pine needle in shape.

Origin:Nangjing,Jiangsu Province

Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place

Brewing Guide:2 tsp to 1 tbs per cup (200ml); water temperature must be cool around 85°C. Infuse 2-4 mins. Reinfuse at least 3 times.

Yua Hua, known as Rainflower Tea at Tea Trekker, is a particularly unique green Tea. Grown and fired in the area around Nanjing in the northeast of China, some consider it to be one of the premier green Teas in China. Only a certain type of cultivar of fresh leaf will form to this shape. In the Nanjing area, local Tea artisans have mastered the techniques to form the shape without breaking the leaf or burning the tips or any of the other misfortunes that can ruin fresh leaf when improperly handled. This appearance (and taste) shows the terroir of Tea and the influence of experience and craft on the finished Tea.