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False Eyelashes Extension Training Kit Eye's Makeup Set Grafting Eyelash Tools Kit Practice Model Head Eye Lashes Graft Tool Kit

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Current price $130.86
Color: 22pcs set


Item Type: Eyelash Extension set

Quantity: 22pcs/set, 19pcs/set, 16pcs/set, 14pcs/set, 12pcs/set

Shelf life:3 years


1. Useful for beginners to graft eyelashes with this kit.

2. No harm to your hand, easy to use.

3. With this kit you will always have well made eyelashes.

4. Fully equipped to better practice grafting eyelashes.

5. You don't feel uncomfortable when wearing the false eyelash.

6. All tools are packed in a makeup bag, portable to carry.

Grafting eyelash steps:

1. Isolation eyelashes

2. Cleaning hands and tools

3. Spray the Eyelash Cleaner onto the paper and then clean the eyelashes

4. Drying eyelashes with Air Puffer Blower

5. Brush your eyelashes with eyelashes

6. Shake 20 times before use the Glue

7. Put the Glue on the Glue Holder or Glue Ring

8. After using the Glue, tighten the cover

9. Clip the root of the False eyelashes with Tweezers

10. Applying Glue to False Eyelashes

11. Put False Eyelashes on the eyelashes and wait for 3-5 seconds

12. Determine the position with mascara

13. Drying eyelashes with Air Puffer Blower

Remove eyelash steps:

1. Draw the Eyelash Glue Remover with cotton swab

2. Apply to the eyelashes

3. Wait 5 minutes

4. Wipe off gently with Eyelash Cleaner


1. Clean eyelashes before grafting eyelashes.

2. Must wait for the Eyelash Cleaner on the eyelashes to dry and then graft.

3. Put the false eyelashes at the base of the eyelashes 1.5-2mm, so that it is not easy to be uncomfortable and can last longer.

4. Do not give too little glue on the Eyelash Glue Holder.

5. False eyelashes with a proper amount of glue, too much will lead to a sense of weight, too little is not easy to stick.

6. The larger the area of false eyelashes and eyelashes, the stronger the firmer

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