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Eletric Professional Suction Therapy Vacuum Breath Body Fat Reducing Massager Gua Sha Cuping Physiotherapy Anticellulite Scraper

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Question and Answer

Q:this device breaks cellulite?
A:This is Chinese medicine. Gua Sha can detoxify and lose weight. Its principle is to promote metabolism, regulate endocrine, and eliminate excess water and fat in the body to achieve weight loss. I recommend long-term use.

Q:what's function of red device?
A:It has 4 functions: heating + cupping + scraping + timer if it meets your needs, you can choose it

Q:why is it not tracked?
A:All of our orders can be tracked throughout, if you can’t track your order, please contact the seller and we will tell you

Q:Why am I bruised?
A:This is a traditional Chinese medicine method. If your skin has bruises, it is normal to indicate that there is moisture in your body. Different degrees of bruises represent different health conditions. It is an indicator of your health.
You can apply essential oils or cream before use to protect your skin and avoid injury.


1.It integrates the three functions of negative pressure cupping, scraping and massage. Through intelligent detection of the pressure in the tank, the vacuum negative pressure can be adjusted in real time to realize dynamic breathing cupping.


2.Effectively promote blood circulation, dredge the meridians, stimulate acupoints, relieve fatigue, relieve pain, dispel cold and dehumidification, improve immunity, and relax muscles.


3.Two modes (deep negative pressure mode / soothing breathing mode) are available, scraping, cupping or massage, free to choose without restriction. ((The deep negative pressure mode is turned on when the machine is turned on))


4.6/12 levels of negative pressure, strong and stable suction, no open flame; 6/12 levels of red light heating, deep massage, relax the body, and dispel fatigue.


5.20-minute timer function: automatically start a 20-minute countdown when it is turned on to avoid unnecessary damage to the body caused by excessive scraping and cupping.


6.LCD/LED screen, four independent buttons can separately switch the machine , adjust the suction intensity and heating gear and suspend the cupping adsorption function to relieve the pressure, which is easy to use.


Material: ABS+silicone
Color: red,blue,black(optional)
Weight: 0.351kg
Packing size: 17.8*13.3*8.6cm

Packing List

1* Host
2* Filter cotton
1* USB Charging Cable (Type-C)
1* English User Manual

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