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Temporary Hair Color Brush And Comb DIY Hair Color White Wax One-time Color Hair Grey Cream Disposable Hair Dye Pen Women

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Disposable Hair Dye Pen Hair Dye Brush Hair Dye Artifact Black Hair Cream Quickly Dye Cover Gray Hair Portable Magic Wand Elderly Pregnant Women


1. A healthy hair dye containing natural coloring ingredients such as cuttlefish juice, no irritating odor, no harmful additives such as silicone oil and fragrance.

2. A one-time instant botanical hair dye cream that quickly covers gray hair, has a long-lasting effect, and does not damage hair and hair. It can be used by the elderly and pregnant women.

3. Fast coloring, smear-type touch-up dyeing, simple and quick operation, dyeing with one brush, no need for frequent dyeing.

4. It can be used to supplement white hair in a small area, and is suitable for people who want to temporarily supplement the color, have less white hair, cover the new white hair, and want to be convenient and quick.

5. After use, the color can be retained until the next shampoo, and it will not fade when it meets water and sweat.

* If you accidentally get on your skin or clothes, wipe and rinse with a wet cotton pad or towel before the dye is dry.

* After application, the color will not fade after sweating and rain, and the brown color may be slightly bleached. When using brown, please try to avoid touching water.


Material: Liquid

Color: Brown, black, black brown

Size: 2.6*2.6*16

Weight: 0.06kg

Packing List:

1* Brush pen

1* Color box