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Zhu Ling 猪苓, Sclerotum Polyporus, Umbel Polypore Mushroom, Griffolia, Pig Fungus

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Buy Zhu Ling 猪苓, Sclerotum Polyporus, Umbel Polypore Mushroom, Griffolia, Pig Fungus Online Direct From China.It is an excellent source of Chinese medicine. Contact Us To Buy  More Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Tea (中藥材 TCM yao cai) at the best price online Direct From China Herbal Tea Supplier.

Product Description:

  • Product Name: Dried Polyporus
  • Latin Name: Sclerotum Polyporus
  • Common Name:Umbel Polypore Mushroom, Griffolia, Pig Fungus
  • Chinese Name:Zhu Ling 猪苓
  • Origin: Yunnan Province,China
  • Package: Bag
  • Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place

Read More Info. About It (In English):

  • This is a plant parasite.
  • This is a stronger diuretic than Poria Fu Ling, however Fu Ling also has a tonic effect. It also harmonizes the Middle and calms the Spirit.
  • This herb is used mostly to treat abdominal bloating with thirst.
  • This herb can be used alone for generalized edema.
  • It is used when the Kidney is not functioning properly, generating edema in the Middle and Lower Jiaos.
  • It is usually used in formulas that clear Damp-Heat or relieve Yin Deficiency.
  • This herb facilitates fluid metabolism.
  • It clears high fever in Exogenous disease, promotes diaphoresis, subsides swelling and abdominal bloating and relieves acute abdominal pain.
  • This herb enters the Spleen and is the single fastest treatment for watery diarrhea, unblocking Lin, expelling Dampness and treating jaundice.
  • Modern medicine uses this herb to treat various types of cancer.
  • It inhibits the growth of cancer cells and reduces the size of tumors.
  • It is reportedly effective in treating Lung cancer.
  • Both Zhu Ling and Rz. Alismatis Ze Xie enter the Kidney and Bladder channels to promote urination, Zhu Ling is especially appropriate for treating ministerial Fire. It is also a stronger diuretic. It treats spermatorrhea due to Lower Jiao Damp-Heat with Dampness predominant which manifests as turbid urine. Ze Xie is Cold and therefore better at cooling Heat. It treats spermatorrhea due to Damp-Heat with Heat predominant.

Read More Info. About It (In Chinese 中文介绍):

别名 地乌桃、猪茯苓、猪灵芝、猳猪矢、豕槖、朱苓
【性味】 味甘、淡;性平
【归经】 归肾、膀胱经