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gaiwan tea set
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Yixing Zisha Purple Clay Gaiwan Tea Cup 130ml 盖碗

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  • Capacity: about 130ml
  • Size:Width-8cm,Height-8cm
  • Material: Yixing Zisha Purple Clay
  • Original: Yixing 宜兴 (famous zisha places)
  • Package:Safety Packed(A Chinese gaiwan cup that comes with a lid and saucer.)

Gaiwan is a common tool that used in tea ceramany, as well as in the gongfu way for brewing tea. Suitable for oolong tea, green tea, puer tea, black tea, fruit & amp; flower tea etc.A set of gongfu tea wares must Where the chawan stands for human. With the chawan stands for human. With the chawan stands for human. With the conception, a chawan, and a saucer. The lid indicates heaven. The saucer symbolizes earth, while the chawan stands for human. With this conception, The whole gaiwan indicates the unity of heaven, earth and men. We do not only infuse teas, but also learn the spirit of tea culture in brewing. We hope to share the Chinese gongfu gaiwan, as well as its tea culture, with tea lovers In the world.

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