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Dear, wish you have a better 2021.
Dear, wish you have a better 2021.

Xuan Jing Shi 玄精石, Gypsum Vitreum, Yuan Jing Shi, Xuan Ying Shi


Buy Xuan Jing Shi 玄精石, Gypsum Vitreum, Yuan Jing Shi, Xuan Ying Shi Online Direct From China. We are a professional natural Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herb supplier, specialized in online retail best quality Bulk TCM Herbal, welcome you! Any Question Just Feel Free To Conatct Us>>

Product Description:

  • Product Name: Gypsum vitreum
  • Latin Name: Gypsum Vitreum
  • Common Name:Yuan Jing Shi, Xuan Ying Shi
  • Chinese Name: Xuan Jing Shi 玄精石
  • Origin: Nei Meng Gu Province,China
  • Package: Bag
  • Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place

Read More Info. About It (In English):

Salty, cold; kidney meridian entered.
Clear heat and tonify yin.
Sore throat, swelling and pain of eye, polydypsia due to high fever, overabundance of yang leading to deficiency of yin.
Dosage and Administrations
Decoct 3~15 g. Smash it when using. It should be decocted first.
It is contraindicated in case of deficiency cold in spleen and stomach.

                  Read More Info. About It (In Chinese 中文介绍):

                  拼音Xuán Jīnɡ Shí

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