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White Ceramic Scraping Board Body Acupoint Massager Shaper Facial Gua Sha Pain Relief Anti Cellulite Meridians Chinese Medicine

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Color: Ivory
Ships From: CHINA


1.The multi-functional scraping board can be used for head massage, facial scraping, eye corner lifting, essence import, whole body scraping and acupoint massage to meet your various needs.
2.This scraping board is made of micro-ceramic material, hard and durable, smooth and round to the touch, portable and easy to use.
3.It can lift facial skin, tighten facial contours, reduce facial fat, improve facial skin relaxation, and shape three-dimensional contours.
4.It is suitable for facial and whole body scraping, which helps to promote metabolism, expel toxins from the body, strengthen lymphatic circulation, and dredge meridians.
5.Take care of your health and help you improve various problems, such as cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, low back pain, etc.


Material: microcrystalline ceramic
color: White
Size: 11.3*7.6*0.6cm
Application: massage scraping
Main functions: Massage the head, scrape the whole body, acupoint and pull tendons, scrape the face, lift the corners of the eyes, and introduce essence
Recommended steps to use: Facial cleanser → skin care with essential oils → microcrystalline scraping plate → cleansing with water → skin care products or mask

Packing List

1* Scraping Massage Board