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Dear, wish you have a better 2022.
Dear, wish you have a better 2022.

Ultrasonic Ion Heating Facial Skin Scrubber Pore Cleanser Skin Spatula Blackhead Remover Comedone Extractor Facial Lift Tool

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Online Buy Ultrasonic Ion Heating Facial Skin Scrubber Pore Cleanser Skin Spatula Blackhead Remover Comedone Extractor Facial Lift Tool



Product name: Ultrasonic ion heating peeling machine


Material: ABS+stainless steel

Charging mode: USB cable

Working voltage 3.7V

Rated power 4W

Battery capacity 600mAh

Working hours 90Min

Product net weight about 80g

Package weight about 240g

Product size: 167*50*17mm

Packing size 202*82*48mm

Technical features: large screen LED display, battery indicator, ultrasonic, EMS, positive and negative ions, double film head heating

Application: beauty salon and personal skin care products

Features: ultrasonic cleaning, blackhead removal, dead skin removal, skin care.

Product model:

1. Lead out - clean mode

Ultrasonic micro vibration deeply cleans skin oil, dirt, removes dead skin and cutin, restores smooth and glossy skin.

2. Massage lifting and pulling mode

High frequency vibration, restores skin vitality, becomes younger and brighter.

3. Nutrition introduction, toxin export, wrinkle removing and skin changing, make skin younger, timing: 5 minutes

4. Guide moisture EMS lift delicate

It can deeply remove wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity, improve skin quality, make skin bright, white and healthy.

Usage: before using the skin scrubber, it is recommended to apply hot towel on the face for 2 minutes, open the pores and use the product, the effect will be better.

Note: the silver area on the side of the product is decorative and has no function



The product has ultrasonic atomization function, which can clean deep skin

Deep cleansing of the face - through high frequency vibration, the skin scraper can quickly clean black head, white head, keratin, dead skin, acne, which is completely gentle exfoliation.

Facial skin scraper --- the scraper is made of stainless steel, safe to use. This skin brush is equipped with a convenient charging socket, you can use USB data cable for fast charging, or through the computer, mobile power supply and mobile phone charger for easy charging.

Adjustable 4 modes - cleaning: deep cleaning of your skin through high vibration. Ion +: helps to remove blackheads, dead skin, dirt or grease. Ion: help skin absorb nutrition and improve skin. Tira: helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and makes your skin shine again.

It is highly recommended to use this facial skin to open pores after showering or steaming. Skin scraper can remove dead skin, blackhead and light skin.


Packing list:

1Pcs * skin scrubber (with box/no box)

1Pcs * USB charging cable

1Pcs * English manual


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