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Smart Visual Earpick Endoscope Spoon Ear Cleaner Ear Wax Pick Removal 3.9mm High-definition Camera 6 LED Light Phone/PC

Original price $26.99
Original price $26.99 - Original price $26.99
Original price $26.99
Current price $17.87
$17.87 - $17.87
Current price $17.87
Color: black
Ships From: CHINA


1.Intelligent orientation, adjusting the rotation angle of the image, allows you to pick your ears accurately, and facilitates your daily inspection and cleaning of the ear canal.
2.High-definition endoscope +6LED lights illuminate your ear canal at a glance, helping you clean your ears more easily and safely.
3.Wide application range: This product is equipped with a variety of different ear spoons, which can be used for skin examination, oral examination and ear canal cleaning.
4.Intelligent temperature control system: Intelligent constant temperature, similar to human body temperature, gives you a comfortable ear picking experience and prevents ear canal burns.
Note: This product does not support the use of Apple phones.


Outside diameter of lens: 3.9mm-5.5mm
Inner diameter of lens: 3.5mm-5.0mm
Pixel effect: 500W display effect (the actual pixel is 300,000)
Power: DC5V=100mA/h
Effective focus: 1.5cm-2cm
Visual angle: 70 degrees
Equipment: mobile phone /PC/tablet
Type of interface: USB/ micro/ Type-c
Product dimensions: 12.8cm
Packing: 16*6.2*2.2cm

Packing List

1* host
2* adapter
10* Ear spoon accessories
1* English instructions
1* neutral color box