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Skin Therapy Wand Portable High Frequency Skin Therapy Machine Neon Argon Wands Anti Aging Blemish Spot Control Skin Tightening

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Skin Therapy Wand Portable High Frequency Skin Therapy Machine Neon Argon Wands Anti Aging Blemish Spot Control Skin Tightening

Work Principle:
The high frequency electrotherapy is an important beauty instrument.It is through the glass electrode tube to
produce high frequency current, and apply to the face, thus achieves the treatment result.

High-frequency current it produces can promote your skin to produce new cells and produce more collagen, make your skin more elastic, look younger
Portable: You can take care of your skin at home or traveling. It is very simple to use.
Insert the electrode of the glass tube into the wand hole, then turn on the switch and adjust the intensity by turning the knob to suit your needs.
4 glass tubes for different areas: mushroom-tube on forehead and cheeks; spoon-tube around the eyes; bend-tube around nose; comb-tube on head.


Light color: Blu-ray Neon+Argon Wands
Material: ABS+glass
Frequency: 50-60HZ

How to use:
1. Select the tube you need and plug it into the wand.
2. Turn on the power and adjust the high frequency intensity by twisting the knob for fit you need.
3. Holding the machine,slide slowly back and forth on your face or other areas of your body you need.
4. When finished,turn off the power and remove the glass tube.

Package Includes:
1x High frequency wand
1x Comb tube
1x Bend tube
1x Mushroom tube
1x Spoon tube
(Note:EU Plug 220V, US Plug 110V, UK Plug and AU Plug use EU Plug 220V machine + adapter)

1. Do not use this product with wet hands and wet hair.
2.For sensitive skin,please use a lower intensity or cover the skin surface with gauze to avoid excessive irritation .
3.Do not leave the glass tube in the same area for more than 10 seconds.



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