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Pu erh Tea 357g,Ripe Cake,Aged

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Name:Shu Cake Puer Tea 357g
Origin: Yunnan Menghai
Material:old puerh trees leaf
Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place

Yunnan Pu erh tea is renowned for its medicinal qualities. Unlike other teas, Chinese Pu-erh's quality and taste improves with age. It's taste is often described as earthy but some very well aged Pu-erh produce cups of incredibly smooth and wonderfully complex beverage.Where can i buy best pu erh tea 普洱茶 online?Here are chinese organic tea puer shop,weight loss pu erh cha,aged ripe cake puerh, loose raw pu er,good brand shu or sheng pu erh tea price.Just enjoy your puer shopping here.



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