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Perfect Makeup Brushes Set 10pcs Makeup Brush Natural-Synthetic Powder Foundation Eyeshadow Eyeliner Concealer Blush Eyebrow T323

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Perfect Customary Brush Set T323

These seriously soft natural and synthetic brushes are made by traditional handicraft. These flawless face and eye essentials work as good as they look. Who’s ready for a closeup?

[Practical Makeup Brushes Set]: 10pcs wood makeup brushes in set, including 4 large face brushes for foundation, powder, blush, and contour; 6pcs eye makeup brushes for eyeshadow blending, concealer, and eyeliner. Capable of covering most of the general daily makeup needs, useful for makeup beginners and makeup lovers.

Perfect Exclusive Ratio of Hair Mixing:

The proportion of natural wool and nanofiber on each brush has been carefully calculated to have the right amount of denseness, thickness, and firmness to perform better at laying the makeup products down and blending.

[Natural-synthetic Hair]: Soft and silky to the touch, the high-density hairs don't shed. Perfect for smooth, controlled and streak-free application of powder, cream, liquid cosmetics. The hair of each makeup brush has undergone rigorous testing and inspection, please use it with confidence.

Strong Ability to Grasp Powder:

What makes our makeup brushes strong ability to grasp powder products?

Perfect natural-synthetic bristles are comprised of premium natural wool and bionic nanofiber. The natural characteristic of wool endows it with a lot of special scaly structures, which can significantly increase the force of friction and thereby trap as much powder as possible. In other words, this ability will not only significantly increase the saturation of the color when applying makeup but also enhance the gradation effect of blending eyeshadow.

Super Flexibility for Better Application

A simple way to distinguish whether a makeup brush is good or not is to observe its application ability.

Our brush is composed of hair with different silk warp and waviness;besides, by applying Perfect exclusive ratio, the density and softness of the bristle on each brush have been carefully calculated to ensure that it performs well in corresponding to the makeup purpose. It is extremely flexible and can be applied to products such as cream or liquid foundation to make it evenly distributed without leaving marks.

Ultra Soft and Skin Friendly

How about we use metaphor? Like, how is the feeling of petting your dog?

Smooth, fluffy, soft that makes you want to pet it all day long? Yes, that is literally the feeling of our natural-synthetic hairs, the mix of wool and nanofiber can bring you an incredibly comfortable feeling on your eyelid as well as surrounding areas when applying makeup products. Besides, the bristles can be used on any skin type, even the most sensitive one, so please enjoy the softness of the bristles and use them in confidence!

4pcs Essential Face Makeup brushes included:

There will be no limitation on any makeup look.

Powder Brush: Apply pressed and loose powders.

Angled Brush: Use as Blushes brush. Apply to blend and build your favorite blush, bronzer or contour on the cheeks.

Foundation brush: For a super-natural finish, apply your makeup by gently dabbing the brush onto your skin and softly blending the edges in circular motions.

Detail Buffer Brush: Apply and blends any cream contour or highlighter.

6pcs Eye Brushes to makeup any eye makeup look as you wish:

To makeup as you wish, to be whom you want to be.

Eye Shadow: Big eyeshadow brush, Smoothly blend and build a natural effect with your favorite eyeshadow.

Detail Blending: Use as Blending brush. Blend colors onto the lid or buff out harsh lines for a well-blended effect.

Small Eye shader: Small eyeshadow brush. Apply eyeshadow with ultra-high precision and detail for your eye look.

Soft Pencil: Use the firm tip for exact color placement, or create your ideal smokey eye using pure natural hair brush to blur and push color.

Detail Liner: Line the eyes with gel or liquid liners for an artistic effect.

Duo Brow Brush: Dual-head eyebrow brush, apply for cream or powder products, to make an exquisite eyebrow makeup look.

Decent Beauty Gift:

The black and white color combination perfectly highlights the beauty of simplicity and makes the entire makeup brush look mature and sober.

You can’t imagine how much this makeup brushes set is popular by women. Whether it is given to yourself or as a surprising gift to your mother, grandmother, girlfriend, wife or any other female friends in any memorable occasions such as Birthday, Valentine’s day, Anniversaries, Mother’s day, Christmas, New year, Thanksgiving, etc.

10pcs set of Makeup brushes including Powder, Foundation, Concealer, Blusher, Blending, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Eyebrow brush:

[High Standard Craft]: The size of the handle is extremely easy to hold and apply, and the super-durable aluminium ferrule makes it difficult to fall off and definitely can be used for a long time. Each handle uses SEVEN layers of classical black spray paint, not only will not fade but also offer you a very unique and high-end feeling.

[Guarantee Premium Quality]: 100% handcrafted, our professionals have loads of years of experience in making as well as assembling various makeup brushes; besides, we have our own advanced manufacturing factory, so we are perfectly confident in offering you the premium made quality makeup brushes.


1. Brush cleaning water ( below 40 Celsius ) , and not exceed 3/4 of the brush head.

2. Reshape and let it dry upside down to avoid any water remaining in the ferrule.

3.Do not put wood brush handle in the water to avoid brush handle broken.

4. Do not use a hairdryer and not expose to sunlight, please place in a dry and cool area to dry.

Special care for Natural & Synthetic Hair:

1. Natural & Synthetic hair brushes are recommended to use fancy soap, baby shampoo, or professional cleaning agents but without soap base and no alcohol;

2. Please be gentle when cleaning to avoid scattering of the Natural hair;

3. After cleaning, smooth the brush hair from the hair root to the hair top with your fingers, and then place the hair side of the brush down in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally;

4. After semi-drying, you can fix a netting cover on the hair to avoid the phenomenon of unshaped after cleaning

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