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Multi-function Sterilizer Aromatherapy UV Disinfection Box Strong UV Light Sterilization For Nail Manicure Make Up Tools Phone

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Original price $69.99
Current price $46.87
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Current price $46.87
Color: Strong-UV-light
Ships From: CHINA

Product Features
1.With big ultraviolet from tow sides,360℃ Sterilization
2.With Aroma function,variety perfumes optional.
3.With Big capacity ,suitable for most 6inch modile phone,pad watch and jewelry
4.With smart dimension and 5V low voltage,partajble and Safe.
5.With USB outlet, sterilizion function is available while charge the mobile phone.

Multifunctional Machine for Your Healthy Life
All kinds of manicure tools, Necklaces and jewelry, Mask, Sock, Wrist Watch, Multi Size Mobile Phone
And you can charge for your phone when you are disinfect for it.

How to Use
1. Connect the circuit,put the items to be sterilized into the inner cavity of the disinfection box,close the upper cover,clickthe disinfection,and the disinfection button(start disinfection),it will automstically close aften disinfection,and the disinfection function can by pressing the button during disinfecti on.
2. According to the progress of the progress of the indicator light,the disinfestion is completed in 3 minutes.
3. If you need to use aromatherapy,open the lid of the disnfectant box,add the flavor you love,and press the aroma key (open the aroma function) in the fixed area.

With Aromatherapy Function
Use it like an aromatherapy diffuser, just drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the interior, and the phone will look brand new after cleaning.

Safety Instructions
1.Please do not open the disinfection box during use.The ultraviolet wave length will cause great harm to human body and glasses
2.Do not wipe with organic solvent
3.Keep away from fire soures and corrosive chemicals
4.Keep away from water
5.Do not press the key frequently to turn on and off the disinfection.
6.Frequent switching will aftect the product lifespan