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Mini Water Oxygen Injection Airbrush Portable Hydration Instrument Red Blue Light Facial Humidifier Nano Spray High Pressure

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Original price $75.99
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Current price $50.87
Color: green
Ships From: CHINA


1.High-pressure nano-spray oxygen injection instrument: high-pressure oxygen injection + nano-atomization moisturizing + nutrition introduction, making the skin moist, smooth and full of vitality.
2.Nano-oxygen injection: 150KPA high-pressure dredge, 0.3mm nano-spray, quickly and efficiently inject moisture and nutrients into the skin, and wake up the vitality of the skin.
3.Red and blue light: Red light enhances the activity of skin cells and whitens the skin; blue light reduces inflammation and bacteria, removes acne, and effectively improves the skin.
4.Deeply clean the pores, add moisture to the skin, reduce oil, promote the skin to absorb nutrients, repair the skin, and make the skin beautiful and smooth.
5.This product is used together with essence, toner and other skin care products to make your skin soft and shiny every day.
6.Built-in Type-C charging port, compatible with a variety of charging tools, such as charging treasure, car charging port, computer terminal, etc.


Color: dark green
Material: ABS+PC+PET, oil sprayed on the surface
Power supply mode: USB charging - with built-in battery
Working method: pressurized spray
Charging voltage: 3.7/5V
Power: 5V/1A
Rated power: 8W
Battery capacity: 1000mAh
Battery life: 120 minutes
Water tank capacity: 50ml
Supercharging: 150kpa
Product size: 15.4*4*5.7cm
Package size: 18.6*10.3*5cm


1* Host
1* Type-C Charging Cable
1* Chinese and English User Manual
1* Packing Box