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Massager Cushion Yoga Massage Mat Acupressure Relieve Pain Stress Back Body Pain Spike Yoga Mat Acupuncture Mat and Pillow Set

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Color: Blue

Acupressure Mat Head Neck Back Foot Massage Cushion Pillow Yoga Spike Mat Anti-stress Acupuncture Pad Needle Massager

The Acupressure Mat offers you an incredibly easy method to reduce stress in your body and massage your aching back and tense neck muscles! Lie in comfort on the padded mat and let the spikes knead and press into your skin to relieve the pressure in your muscles! Soon, you'll be in a state of bliss and serenity!

Material:cotton cloth+ABS+sponge
Mat size:68.7*43.3*2.5cm
Pillow size:37.5*14*10.5cm
Mat weight:0.35kg
Pillow weight:0.23kg

Why It's so Amazing? - Benefits of Acupressure Mat and Pillow
1. Reduce pain in the back, neck, shoulders, hips, and joints.
2. Improved circulation. Improved Digestion.
3. Increased energy levels.
4. Deep sense of relaxation.
5. Relaxing muscles and joints. Decreased muscular tension.
6. Minimizing headaches. Reduce blood pressure.
7. Increased levels of endorphin. A positive mental outlook.
8. Increased uptake of oxygen.
9. Improve sleep and relieve insomnia.