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Herbal Repair Nasal Box Liver Cleaning Health Care Detox Repair Nasal Lung 1.8ml

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Color: 3PCS
Ships From: CHINA


1.The herbal repair nasal box specially designed for nasal care can quickly unclog nasal congestion, relieve nasal discomfort, improve respiratory health, and let you breathe easier.
2.100% pure natural herbal ingredients, extracted from a variety of plant extracts, mild and safe formula, no side effects, no stimulation.
3.Our nose box helps repair damaged noses, promotes digestion and liver detoxification, activates liver repair function, long-term liver protection, and builds healthy and unobstructed lungs for you.
4.The small and light nasal box is easy to carry around, allowing you to breathe smoothly anytime, anywhere.


1. Open the cover.
2. Clean your hands and nasal cavity before use, put the nasal suction box close to the two nostrils and inhale deeply.
3. Wipe away nasal secretions with a tissue.
4. Wipe the nozzle clean and put the cap on.


Capacity: 1.8ml
Ingredients: Turmeric, Schisandra, Prism Oil
Product size: 3.6*1.8*6.4cm
Package size: 3.9*6*2.7cm

Packing List

1* Nose Box
1*color box