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Dear, wish you have a better 2022.
Dear, wish you have a better 2022.

Facial Massager Device Portable Facial Firming Massage Tool for Wrinkle Removal Anti Aging Skin Tightening Rejuvenation Beauty

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Online Buy Iontophoresis High Frequency Vibration Ion Mport Export Device Rejuvenation Face Skin Care Device Facial Cleansing Warm Massager


Product name: Beauty Rejuvenation Device

Color: White

Size: 15.6cm*3.5cm

Temperture: 42℃+/-3℃

Product material: ABS + PC + alloy

Vibration frequency: 10000rpm

Working voltage: 3.7V

Charging time: About two hours


This product is a facial beauty instrument capable of deep cleanng deep nourishing, warm and moisturizing, and high frequency vitration of positive ion and negative ion

1.Positive and negative ions: by using the principle of positive and negative charge ion heterosexual absorption, deep pore fouling is derived by biological current and thoroughly cleaned.

Beauty ingredients are permeated into the muscle floor by ion introductioni.

2.Vibration: mechanical vibration, voltage stimulation, make the humar skin tighten, increase its own elasticity, enhance theskin cellsmetabolism of skin cells.

3.Warm heat: warm massage promotes absorption, makes skin texture extend and skin becomes fuller.

4.Clean skin pattern: clean the pores deep garbage and lay a good foundation for subsequent skin care.

5.Nourishing and importing mode: full introduction of skin care products, enhance cell activity, desalinate fine lines, nourish skin.

6.Warm heat moisturizing mode: warm heat massage to promote blooc circulation, enhance skin tight and elasticity, let the skin in the best.state for a long time, restore the luster and vitality of the skin.

7.When used, touch the back of the fuselage ion induction strip, and form a loop with the human body.

8.Each mode of intelligent setting 4 minutes of service time. The instrument will enter the standby state after 4 minutes no operation and turn off automatically when 1 minute latter.

Packing list:


1*USB cable



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