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Dear, wish you have a better 2023.
Dear, wish you have a better 2023.

E Guan Shi 鵝管石, Coral Skeleton, Stalactite

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Weight: 100g

Buy E Guan Shi 鵝管石, Coral Skeleton, Stalactite Online Direct From China.This is an excellent source of traditional Chinese medicine.Any Question Just Feel Free To Conatct Us>>

Product Description:

  • Product Name: Dried Stalactite
  • Latin Name: Coral Skeleton
  • Common Name: Chinese Coral Skeleton
  • Chinese Name: E Guan Shi 鵝管石
  • Origin: Guangxi Province,China
  • Package: Bag
  • Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place

Read More Info. About It (In English):

The Effect of E Guan Shi
Sweet, salty, warm; lung, kidney and stomach meridians entered.
Warm the lung, tonify yang and promote lactation.
Impotence, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, chronic cough due to lung-cold, asthma due to consumptive disease, agalactia, cold arthralgia.
Dosage and Administrations
Decoct 9~15 g or made into pills. It should be smashed and decoct first.
It is contraindicated in case of excess heat and yin deficiency with effulgent fire.

Read More Info. About It (In Chinese 中文介绍):

鹅管石概述(补肺 壮阳 通乳)
别 名鹅管石、滴乳石
【性状】 味甘,性温。
【归经】 归肺,肾,胃经。

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