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Du Yun Mao Jian 都匀毛尖 Green Tea Fishhook

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Du Yun Mao Jian Green Tea Fishhook is from a prestigious Chinese tea-growing region. This tea is full-bodied with a deep aroma and a sweet taste. It is plucked from high-altitude tea bushes and contains unique antioxidants. Enjoy its unique flavor!

Taste: It has full, round flavor, unique nutty taste, pleasant jade-green color. The taste, and aftertaste is light, sweet and pleasant with a hint of fruity fragrance.
Appearance:Du Yun Mao Jian has a hook shape with lots of whte hair. It is known for its 'three gree and three yellow' characteristics. The dry leaves, liquor and residues has a green-yellow color. When brewd, the leaves will sink to the bottom of Teacup while white hair drifting in water. In a word, Du Yun is similar with Bi Luo Chun in appearance and its taste reminds you Xin Yang Mao Jian. It is made by one bud and one leaf system about 20 mm in length. Normally, it costs at least 40,000 Tea buds to produce 500 grams high grade Du Yun Tea.
Origin:Nangjing,Jiangsu Province
Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place

Brewing Guide:2 tsp to 1 tbs per cup (200ml); water temperature must be cool around 85°C. Infuse 2-4 mins. Reinfuse at least 3 times.

Du Yun Mao Jian has other names such as White Hair Tip, Fuzz Tip and Fishhook Tea. This Tea is from Du Yun county, Gui Zhou province, southern China. Best grades are from Shao Jiao, Shao Shang, Huang He, Hei Gou and Qian Jia Slope mountain area in Tuan Shan village.Du Yun Mao Jian has a histry of 500 years, it is one of the most famouse Chinese green Teas. It was named as tributery in Ming dynasty (1368–1644). It also got awards on 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition.

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