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Buy Zenia Insignis Tree Seeds 30pcs Plant Zenia Insignis For Ren Dou Shu

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Buy Real Chinese Zenia Insignis Tree Seeds Online Plant Zenia Insignis For Ren Dou Shu. Any Question Just Feel Free To Contact Us >>


Seeds Description:

Plant Name: Chinese Zenia Insignis Tree Seeds

Latin Name: Zenia Insignis

Pinyin: Ren Dou Shu

Origin: Yunnan Province, China

Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place


Read More Info. About It:

Zenia Insignis is a strong hi-light tree species, like calcium, commonly found in tropical limestone mountains in Guangxi, distributed in Vietnam, China's Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and other provinces. Rendou is a national second-class protected plant in China. It can be used not only as a street tree or a garden ornamental tree. Its wood can be used as doors, windows, plates, farm tools and furniture. The branches and leaves mainly provide feed for livestock and have good economic value.


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