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Buy Panax Notoginseng Seeds 50pcs Plant Yunnan Tian Qi Grow Herb Pseudo Ginseng

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Buy Real Panax Notoginseng Seeds Plant Yunnan Tianqi Grow Chinese San Qi Tonic Herb Pseudo Ginseng. Any Question Just Feel Free To Conatct Us >>
Seeds Description:
Plant Name: Chinese Yunnan Notoginseng Seeds
Latin Name: panax notoginseng
Pinyin: San Qi / Tian Qi
Package: Bag
Origin: Wenshan Yunnan Province, China
Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place
Read More Info. About It:
The San Francisco is the same as the health care products which were approved by the state. The tienchi (Sanqi) powder possesses 19 functions in the 24 kinds of features of the health care products which were approved by the state The efficacies of the panax notoginseng powder are as the following: immune adjustment, delaying senescence, improving memory, promoting growth and development, anti-fatigue, anti-mutation, The blood sugar regulation, sleep hide, cure nutrient anemia, protect liver chemical damage, beautifying, clear and nourish throat, regulatory blood pressure. The composition that the Sanqi powder contains has good regulation action on the cardio - cerebral-vascular system, the blood System, the central nerves system and the metabolic system. The panax notoginseng powder is the best choice for health care and the treatment of CCVD. The notoginse Ng powder can also regulate the body function bidirectional, enhance stress ability and high body to bad environment adaptability. It is the medicinal and edible plant that has the efficacy both curing and nourishing.
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