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Buy Acacia Mearnsii Tree Seeds 30pcs Plant Acacia Mearnsii For Hei Jing Shu

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Buy Real Chinese Acacia Mearnsii Tree Seeds Online Plant Acacia Mearnsii For Hei Jing Shu. Any Question Just Feel Free To Contact Us >>


Seeds Description:

Plant Name: Chinese Acacia Mearnsii Tree Seeds

Latin Name: Acacia Mearnsii De Will

Pinyin: Hei Jing Shu

Origin: Yunnan Province, China

Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place


Read More Info. About It:

Acacia Mearnsii trees are sunny and more resistant to yin, prefer warm and humid climate, slightly cold-resistant, and can withstand low temperatures above -5 °C. The soil is not strict, the soil is rich and fertile, and it can withstand drought and barrenness, but it is not resistant to waterlogging. The black wattle that grows naturally, the trunk is often inclined or bent, and the branching point is low. To make the trunk stand upright and straight. The branching point is appropriate. Pay attention to trimming the side branches in time and manually straightening the trunk.


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