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Bunion Splint Corrector Big Toe Straightener Foot Hallux Valgus Braces Orthopedic Supplies Pedicure Foot Care Pain Relief Unisex

Original price $27.99
Original price $27.99 - Original price $27.99
Original price $27.99
Current price $18.87
$18.87 - $18.87
Current price $18.87
Color: GRAY
Ships From: CHINA


1.This thumb valgus corrector helps the toes return to their normal shape by correcting the stress point on the foot, and pulls the deformed toe to its normal position, effectively improving thumb valgus.
2.Purely physical correction of toe valgus, effectively fixing and supporting the toes, painless and painless, without the need for drugs, safer and more effective.
3.The corrector can be flexibly rotated 180° without affecting daily walking, giving you a comfortable wearing experience.
4.The adjustable knob can freely adjust the correction angle, fix the toes, pull and straighten the toes, and play a physical correction role.
5.The upgraded heel strap helps fix the position and prevent shifting and falling off; the thickened silicone protection points can protect the toe bones and avoid pain and discomfort.

Product Parameters

Color: gray
Material: TPR+elastic magic sticker+silicone pad
size: one size
Single packaging size: 18*11cm
Gross weight: 49.6g

Packing List

1* Gray thumb valgus corrector
1*Heel fixing strap