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6in1 Light Therapy RF 5 LED Face Lifting Machine High Frequency Skin Rejuvenation for Acne Wrinkle Anti-Aging Ion Skin Care Tool

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Color: pink with box

LED Light Therapy RF 5 LED Face Lifting Machine High Frequency Skin Rejuvenationfor Acne Wrinkle Anti-Aging Ion Skin Care Tool 

Product: RF/EMS/vibration radio frequency beauty instrument import/export LED color light/IR infrared lamp multifunctional beauty instrument
Product model: RF-18 six-in-one multifunctional beauty instrument
Lantern color: LED red green blue yellow purple
Vibration mode: automatic switching of four vibration modes
Battery parameters: 3.7V 800mAh
Charging parameters: 5V/1A USB port charging about 1.2 hours
Working time: 6 days in vibration mode, 11 days in no vibration mode (1 time per day)
Machine weight: 130 grams
Machine size: 185*45mm

RF (Radio Frequency) : Conduct heat through the electrode tip to make the subcutaneous muscles heat, stimulate collagen, promote blood circulation, and greatly enhance the absorption function of skin care products.
EMS (Electroporation) : Produces high-energy pulse puncture sensation, instantly improves skin permeability, enhances skin absorption of skin care products, makes skin more elastic, and effectively slims the face.
IPL : Strengthen skin repair, accelerate protein synthesis, stimulate collagen regeneration; accelerate fiber cell metabolism, promote cell re-healing; enhance cellular immune function, and eliminate inflammation.
1. Red light : 620nm wavelength enhances skin elasticity, shrinks pores, removes wrinkles and rejuvenates skin.
2. Green light : 520nm wavelength to remove acne, blackheads and acne
3. Blue light : 465nm wavelength sterilizes and reduces oil secretion
4. Orange light : 610nm wavelength delays skin aging, wrinkles rejuvenation
5. Purple light : 430nm wavelength strengthens the penetration of essence, allowing it to absorb deeply naturally
EXPORT : Effectively remove dirt on the facial skin
IMPORT : Enhance the absorption of skin care products
IR (Infrared) : The wavelength is between 940nm and 1mm, with a certain thermal effect. Increase the temperature of the skin and subcutaneous tissues, promote blood circulation, new metabolism and cell regeneration.
Vibration : Let the skin increase vitality and promote metabolism. The heat generated can encourage pores to open.

Package includes:
1 * RF beauty instrument (with box)
1 * USB cable
1 * Cotton pad
1 * Bag
1 * Manual