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4 Modes TENS EMS Muscle Stimulation Body Massager Pain Relief 4 Electrode Pads Electroestimulador Pulse Fisioterapia Slimming

Original price $16.99
Original price $16.99 - Original price $43.99
Original price $16.99
Current price $13.87
$13.87 - $35.87
Current price $13.87
Color: battery power
Ships From: CHINA

Type A:Recharge


1.Includes 4 modes: Tuina, kneading, acupuncture, tapping, and 9 intensity levels for your customized massage experience.
2.USB charged with built in battery of 200mAh capacity.
3.You are advised to use the massager twice to 3 times a day, the machine will automatically shut down after 20 minutes operating.
4.It allows for two and a half hours operating hours after fully charged, which saves you from frequent charging.


Material: ABS
Color: gray
Size: 8.5*3.5*1cm
Weight: 173g

Packing list

1* Unit
4 Pair* Electrode Pads
1* Remote Controller
1* Storage Bag
1* User Manual

Type B:Battery Power(battery not include)


1.Using micro-current pulses to massage the body can effectively dredge the meridians, promote blood circulation, quickly relax muscles, relieve muscle soreness, and reduce physical fatigue.
2.6 massage modes, each massage mode has 10 adjustable intensity levels, fully meeting the actual needs of different groups of people.
3.6-speed timing function: 5 minutes/10 minutes/15 minutes/20 minutes/25 minutes/30 minutes, you can set the most suitable massage time by yourself.
4.The text on the large LCD screen is clear at a glance, and the functions of the buttons are clear, even the elderly can use it easily.
5.The size of this massager is about the same as that of an Apple mobile phone, so it is easy to carry out and is suitable for business trips, travel, office and other occasions.


Color: White
Power supply: DC4.5V, 3 AAA batteries(Please buy it yourself)
Frequency: 1-330Hz
Power supply: 17MA
Configuration: 1 drag 4 electrode lines (about 93cm)
Number of patches: 4 pieces
Host size: 13.5*6*1.8cm

Packing List

1* English host
2 pairs* patches
1* 1 to 4 electrode lines
1* English User Manual