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120 660nm 850nm LED Red Light Therapy Belt Near Infrared Photontherapy Wrap For Waist Back Pain Relief Acne Removal Skin Care

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Color: black
Ships From: CHINA


1. The product adopts a rectangular small size design that can be worn in multiple parts, including the shoulders, neck, thighs, calves, and arms; The 2.660 red light irradiation distance value can reach a distance of 0mm:>25mW/c ㎡ (milliwatts), and other sellers are around 10-15 milliwatts, which cannot achieve phototherapy effect;
3. The key to turning on the power is the 10-40 Hz pulse mode, which is most suitable for preventing Alzheimer's disease;
4.60 660nm lamps and 60 680nm lamps meet various physical therapy demands.

660nm Red light therapy

1, the product adopts a rectangular small size design can adapt to multiple parts of the wear use of the neck, shoulders, thighs, calves, arms can be used.
2, phototherapy effect: 660 red light irradiation distance value can reach 0mm distance: > 25mW / c ㎡ (milliwatt).
3, open the power switch button is 10-40 Hz pulse mode, the most suitable for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

850nm Red light therapy (non-visible light, requires special equipment to see light)

1. Improve muscle healing and accelerate recovery
2. Improve mental health, including anxiety and depression relief
3. Reduces acne inflammation and suppresses breakouts
4. Improve skin repair and absorption using masks
5. Accelerated absorption of beauty products
6. Sunburn and wrinkle discomfort
7. Enhance the speed of wound healing for injuries
8. Reduce training fatigue / speed up sports recovery, etc.


Rated power: 60W
Actual power: 25W
Material: OK cloth + SBR diving material
LED Quanity: 120pcs 5050SMD patch lamp beads
Timing: 5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes for each course of treatment


1*storage cloth bag
1*Red light belt
1*Power Adapter
1*1.8m USB Data Cable
1*1m long Controller
1*Short elastic webbing 48CM/18.89inch
1*Long elastic webbing 86cm/33.85inch
1*blackout glasses
1*Instructional Manual