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118pcs Tourmaline Magnets Self-heating Vest Shoulder Back Support Posture Corrector Pain Relief Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

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Original price $48.99
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Current price $32.87
Color: XL 72.5-90kg
Ships From: CHINA

Size Chart

size waist weight
M 19.2in-30in(53-83cm) 45-60kg
L 21.6in-34.8in(60-97cm) 60-72.5kg
XL 36in-40.8in(99-112cm) 72.5-90kg


1.Built-in 118 energy magnets, self-heating acupoint magnet therapy, accurately correspond to the shoulder and back acupuncture points, effectively relieve the cold and soreness of the shoulder and neck.


2.A large area of the back is heated, and the effect of hot compress is doubled, relieves frozen shoulder and lower back discomfort, and protects the health of your shoulders and lumbar spine.


3.Effectively improve shoulder and waist discomfort, correct posture, improve sloping shoulders, and shape a beautiful body.


4.7 detachable ABS support bars and two-way elastic fixing straps perfectly fit the shoulders and back, disperse the pressure on the lumbar spine, and make the wearing more stable.


* Do not wear clothes when using this product, it must be used on the skin.
* The warm-up time is about 40 minutes, and the temperature is higher than the normal body temperature of the human body.


The 118 magnets are distributed as follows:
Shoulder 6+6=12
Back: 4 columns * 12 pieces = 48 pieces
Waist: 8 columns * 5 = 40
Abdomen: 6 columns * 3 pieces = 18 pieces
Magnet life: about 2 years
Gross Weight: Size M-300g, Size L-333g, Size XL-360g
Packing size: 35*21*2.5cm

Packing List

1* shoulder wrap