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10pcs Ginger Foot Patch Anti-Swelling Detox Pads Relief Stress sleeping Aid Adhesive Sticker Health Care Chinese Medicine

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Color: 10pcs in 1 bag
Ships From: CHINA


1.Blending with ginger root extracts, it reduces swelling and soothes pain by its warming and anti-inflammatory properties.
2.Foot pads can help you in many ways. Remove impurities from your body, promote blood circulation, which can relieve many things such as: muscle tension, soreness, swelling, constipation, and stress.
3.Activating cells, improving functions of vital organs. Relieving foot fatigue.
4.Relaxing muscles and tendons, eliminating moisture, replenishing vital essence and strong thinning kidney.
5.Dispelling toxins accumulated in absorbent system, promoting functions of absorbent system and strengthening the immunity.


1.Wash and dry Your feet or body part.
2.Apply this foot pad one hour before bed-time.
3.Socks can be worn if necessary.
4.Remove pad after 8-10 hours.

Store Precautions

1. Please keep your foot dry when using.
2. Foot patches which are not used should be sealed in the plastic bag.
3. Please pay attention that the medicament in the foot patch may stick to your socks or shoes if you put on socks or shoes after using foot patch.
4. Store the foot patch in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature.
5. When used by children, adult should instruct.
6. If the skin appears novel situations e.g. rubefaction or other anaphylaxis, please stop using and consult with skin experts.


Optional main ingredient: Ginger
Optional quantity: 10pcs/set
Package bag color: Yellow(Ginger)
Ingredients: Ginger, bamboo vinegar, bamboo charcoal, platycodon grandiflorus, shell hardin powder, etc.
Quantity: 1 set(10pcs)

Package includes

1 set(10pcs) x Foot Pads