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100g Seven Herb Seeds Powder Soft Film Powder Herbal Beauty Smear Mask Whitening Mask Powder Moisturizing Eggshell Mask

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Net content: 100g
Storage method: Store in a cool dry place
Suitable for : face skin and hands skin
Expired date : 12 months after open
Main effect: soft and smooth, delicate skin, tender and firm, elastic and vitality

1. It is recommended to use toner or rose water as a primer before applying
2. Apply the mask cream evenly to the face, it will form a natural film in about half an hour
3. Once dry, peel off the film from the edges.
4. After peeling off the film, wash your face with water and basic skin care.

1 bag of 100g can be used about 8 times. It is recommended to use it once every two or three days and apply it at night.

Pregnant women, sensitive skin are not recommended, herbal formula, afraid of sensitive skin intolerance

How long can the film be formed?
It mainly depends on the thickness of the coating, thick coating will dry slower, don't apply too thick, mainly a thin layer evenly, about forty minutes or so, the film can be peeled off when it dries out, similar to eggshell film!
Apply the front film The cream is milky white, and it is transparent after the film is formed. Before the film is formed, the skin will obviously feel a feeling of lifting and firming, that is, it is almost dry. When it is dry, you can tear the film from the edge!

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1*100g Face Mask