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Children Electric Sonic Toothbrush Cartoon Pattern Toothbrush Smart Timer Soft Bristle 4 Replacement Brush Heads Teeth Whitening

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Ships From: China
Color: Giraffe

Children's Electric Sonic Toothbrush Soft Bristled Cartoon Toothbrush 3 Modes IPX7 Waterproof Cleaning Teeth Prevention Tooth Decay Teeth Cleaner for Children USB Charging


1. The cartoon toothbrush specially designed for children's teeth cleaning is small in size, light in weight, cute in shape, and easy for children to hold with one hand without pressure.

2. The high-quality soft-bristled brush head gently massages the teeth and gums, gently cares for the baby's delicate mouth, and brings a comfortable brushing experience to the baby.

3. The vibration frequency is as high as 20,000 times per minute, and the noise is as low as 60db. It penetrates deep into the teeth, cleans the mouth efficiently, easily removes the dirt in the teeth, and prevents the baby's tooth decay.

4. 3 brushing modes (low frequency mode/intermediate frequency mode/high frequency mode), suitable for baby's deciduous tooth period, tooth replacement period and permanent tooth period, to protect the child's dental health.

5. 2-minute intelligent timing, 30-second zone change reminder, let the baby develop a good habit of scientific brushing from an early age.


Material: ABS

Style: Giraffe, Dinosaur, Crocodile

Three modes: low frequency (deciduous tooth period), medium frequency (tooth change period), high frequency (permanent tooth period)

Vibration frequency: 20 thousand times/min

Battery capacity: 500MAH

Charging time: 3 hours

Standby: 100 days

Power: DC3.7V-0.5W

Waterproof grade: IPX7

Net weight: 48g

Product host size: 19*diameter 2CM

Packing size: 23*13.2*4CM

Packing List:

1* host

4* Toothbrush heads

1* USB Charging Cable

1* English User Manual