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Ceramic Tea Cups 30ml*4pcs

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Prezzo attuale $13.89
  • Material:Blue And White Ceramic
  • Original: Jingdezhen 景德镇 (one of the Top 3 famous porcelain and ceramic places)
  • Package:Safety Packed(list:4pcs tea cups)

Maybe you're looking for a quality Tea set for your own enjoyment or giving it away as a gift, you can never go wrong with our full tea sets. The price tag is not cheap, but knowing that it will last a life time There is no better value out there than these beautiful set.There's a Chinese saying that goes: "One pot of good tea, a lifetime of friendship". Tea is not a beverage, but a type of lifestyle, or perhaps a kind of philosophy. This is why good teaware is so popular in China, because it's something that binds people. We hope one day you'll feel the same and share the spirit of tea.

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