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Zisha Loose Leaf Tea Storage 紫砂茶叶罐 Lu 禄

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Prix d'origine $59.99
Prix d'origine $59.99 - Prix d'origine $59.99
Prix d'origine $59.99
Prix actuel $45.97
$45.97 - $45.97
Prix actuel $45.97
  • Size:8cm(w)*12cm(h)
  • Material: Zisha 紫砂 Purple Clay
  • Original: Yixing 宜兴 (famous ceramic places)
  • Package:Safety Packed

Treat your tea right.
No one likes to see a good tea go bad, especially when it’s so easy to avoid. Use our airtight, light-blocking design tea storage tin to help keep your leaves flavorful.

  • Note :
  • Measurements are approximate only.
  • Colors of actual product may vary slightly from images shown.

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