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Lu Jiao Jiao 鹿角胶, Deer Antlers Gum, Women Health Tonic

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Buy Lu Jiao Jiao 鹿角胶, Deer Antlers Gum, Women Health Tonic Online Direct From China. Deer Placenta Can Help Female 补气血、调经、壮阳、补虚、美容养颜, Tonic For Women Health. Any Question Just Feel Free To Conatct Us>>

Product Description:

  • Product Name: Deer Antlers
  • Latin Name: Cervus nippon Temminck
  • Common Name: deer baby powder,Deer Fetus, Sika Fetus, Red Deer Fetus
  • Chinese Name: Lu Jiao Jiao 鹿角胶
  • Origin: Jilin Province,China
  • Package: Bag
  • Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place

Read More Info. About It (In English):

Deer Placenta Powder contains 17 kinds of amino acids, 22 kinds of inorganic ingredients, a variety of vitamins and ketones, estrone sulfate, estradiol and six kinds of specific fat-soluble ingredients, according to "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: " , With the essence of blood, back to the role of Shaoyang, female nourishing nursed back to health, anti-aging needs. Comprehensive regulation of the three components of the gonadal axis, nourish the damaged ovaries, restore estrogen, progesterone normal secretion, so that women always maintain a balance in endocrine. Restore menstrual normal, eliminate irritability, insomnia, skin relaxation, acne, chloasma, back pain and other symptoms. Long-term use of delayed gonadal axis senescence cycle, postponement of menopause, beauty beauty, is essential for women's gynecological products, of which nine and Chunlu fetal powder is better, to the woman from the inside to the outside, from the inside to the outside care.

Read More Info. About It (In Chinese 中文介绍):


1.适用于精血不足、虚寒腹痛、崩漏 带下,子宫虚冷雌性激素分泌过少,而引起的性冷淡病症.
5.鹿胎膏具有美容养颜护肤的作用,对防斑、褪斑、滋补养颜均有特效. 对月经的影响 刚开始使用,对月经是有一定影响的.服用一段时间后,会走入正规的周期(一般需要1-3个月,属于调经期).

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