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EMS Micro-current Cupping Massage Meridian Brush Vacuum Heating Scraping Device Slimming Body Brush Pain Relief Therapy Massager

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Electric Meridian Brush Home Portable Massager Vibrating Five Elements Meridian Dredging Brush EMS Micro Current Beauty Apparatus


1. EMS electrotherapy: 12 levels adjustable, stimulate cells and acupoints, promote blood circulation and dredge lymph and limbs.

2. Red light heating therapy: 14 laser light beads (LED red light), 12 levels adjustable, infrared heat can open skin pores, burn excess body fat, eliminate excess fat, and shape a beautiful figure.

3. High-frequency vibration: 3 levels adjustable, accelerate metabolism, relieve muscle soreness, lose weight and shape graceful curves..

4. 26 stainless steel meridian contact brush heads, the teeth are round and smooth, which can evenly act on the skin of the human body, and the massage is comfortable and painless.

5. It is suitable for different parts of the body, such as legs, arms, waist, abdomen, head, etc., which can effectively improve backache, puffiness and swelling, body aches, numbness of limbs and other symptoms.


1. Be careful not to allow essential oil to penetrate into the charging port when using it.

2. Use essential oils in moderation, not too much.

3. If you need to disinfect after use, you can only wipe it with warm water. It is forbidden to use alcohol for disinfection and cleaning.

4. Keep the pillars at the bottom of the meridian brush dry.


Material: ABS+plated copper

Color: Red

Size: 10*9.7*7cm

Packing size: 14*15*15cm

Built-in battery: 2600mah

Power parameters: DC 5V1A

Packing List:

1* Red Host

1* USB Charging Cable

1* English User Manual