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Buy Cosmos Bipinnata Flower Seeds 800pcs Plant Cosmos Flower For Family Garden

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Buy Cosmos Bipinnata Seeds Online Plant Beautiful Flower Cosmos Bonsai For Family Garden Flowers Chrysanthemum Bo Si Ju. Any Question Just Feel Free To Conatct Us >>


Seeds Description:

Plant Name: Herb Flower Chinese Cosmos Bipinnata Seeds

Latin Name: Cosmos bipinnata Cav

Pinyin: Bo Si Ju

Package: Bag

Origin: Shandong Province, China

Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place


Read More Info. About It:

Cosmos in the use of the landscape has a very important position in the cultivation of local and seasonal characteristics, of of the city landscape, high-speed road landscape, pastoral landscape,

Dwarf cosmos plant height of only 40-50 cm, highly suitable, larger flowers, uniform performance is excellent, summer planting can be more rain plants

Sowing season

1. General use of seed sowing, live or nursery after transplantation can be;

2. Spring sowing, summer and autumn flowering; summer sowers, autumn and winter flowering;

3. Because of its rapid flowering flowering, early flowering about 60 days, when the temperature is appropriate according to the need to plan according to plan;

3. Germination temperature 15 ~ 20 ℃, the growth temperature is 15 ~ 30 ℃.


1. 60 days after the conventional sowing can be early flowers;

2. Spring sowing, summer and autumn flowering; summer sowers, autumn and winter flowering.

Sowing method

1. Select the daily average temperature stability through 15 ℃ can be planted;

2. the seeding rate per square meter is 3 to 5 grams, planting depth of 1 ~ 2 cm, casing;

3. resistant to extensive management, usually by conventional painting weeding, proper watering;

4. after the flowers need to cut the residual branches, to promote new branches, continue to flowering.


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